The Power to Choose

If you are a parent then you are well aware of how much children love to be in charge! They enjoy making choices, engaging in things that interest them, and being a part of decision making. You are also well aware that letting kids make all the decisions is not possible.

There are, however, some ways that you can help support your children's autonomy and create opportunities for them to be in the drivers seat! One of my favorite strategies is by offering up 2-3 things that you are okay with, but allowing them to choose between them.

This often looks like:

-pulling 2 outfits for the toddler to pick from while getting dressed for the day

-letting your preschooler decide how much more time to stay at the park (2,5,10 minutes)

-having your 7 year old pick their friends b-day gift off of the wish list

-letting your 10 yo choose what is for dinner 1 night/week