Two options to meet your goals

Strengthening family relationships and managing misbehavior course

The ultimate online parenting course to improve the dynamic within your home.

With 40 videos, 20 page workbook, downloadable quotation cards and certificate of completion!

Many caregivers share the challenges of raising well rounded kids due to the pressure and mixed messages from others that they receive. It becomes stressful to know the 'right' way to respond to our children that will foster a firm but loving household while still respecting our kids unique needs.

You deserve all of the tools in your pocket to feel confident to address anything that may arise within your household and support your children's growth.

That is why I have create a dynamic and must have online parenting course. It is full of the best tips, tools, and strategies to create a strong family and increase your confidence as a caregiver.

Within this course, you will learn how to

  • Decrease reactive parenting

  • Complete a body and environment scan

  • Increase your self care

  • Understand meaning behind your child's behavior

  • Summarize and validate your child

  • Help your child self regulate

  • Reinforce positive behaviors

  • Repair after a relational strain

  • Create a responsibility chart

  • Support your child in following your instructions (through a Do Over and being playful)

  • Eliminate 100% of power struggles

  • Don't get pulled into their 'bait'

  • Give choices

  • Use verbal repetition to increase cooperation

  • Use the You or Me strategy

  • Choose and implement proper consequences

  • Learn the difference between and time in and time out

  • Learn how to utilize a time in and time out

  • Give clear instructions

This course is PACKED with the best strategies that I have taught the parents of my clients over the last 10 years. From working closely with caregivers to address many parenting struggles from not doing home work, separation anxiety, supporting kids through divorce, trauma reactions, and many more, I have been able to teach parents how to best approach their kiddos needs and create a warm household that sets clear expectations and clear consequences. These strategies focus on making every moment TEACHABLE so your child learns how to do better and you understand why your child is reacting in the way that they are.

Valued at over $1200*, you will get it for the fraction of the price and is an investment in your home

*Comparable to 8 individual sessions at $150/session


Responsive Parenting Course

For caregivers who are seeking concrete strategies to better the relationships and responses with their children.

With 15 videos, 15 page workbook, and a downloadable refrigerator sheet on ways to respond to your children in a more positive and affirming way!

When we feel 'fed up' with the behaviors of our children, we often react and unload our anger and frustrations onto them. This leaves us feeling guilty and miss teachable moments for our children.

It is time to learn the best strategies for transforming reactions to responses. It is the must-have course to shift the dynamic within your home.

Within this course, you will learn:

  • What reactive vs responsive parenting is

  • How to transform reaction into responses

  • Creating a "Yes House"

  • Importance of self care and impact on parenting

  • How to complete a body and environment scan to decrease stress

  • How to decode and meet your child's needs

  • Convert children's misbehavior into appropriate behavior

  • Make everything a teachable moment

  • Help our children share their emotions appropriately

  • How to repair with our children


If you woke up tomorrow and your biggest parenting struggle was gone, what would that be like for you?

For your children?

How would your day be different and better?

These course are the ultimate game changer for every household and will help you along the path to reaching your goal.

It is 100% possible to be the caregiver that you strive to be, have children who have tool boxes of strategies to verbalize their emotions and follow your instructions.

It is attainable to utilize the learned strategies taught in these course to manage misbehavior and truly create strong household and family.

After the course completion, you will be equipped to firmly and lovingly guide your children through any behavioral challenge and make each moment teachable.

This will help raise competent and emotionally intelligent children while strengthening your family's relationship.