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Supporting your students

School staff will gain a deep understanding of children and how to best support their social-emotional learning. This 2.5 hour training is for school professionals who work closely with students, but don't always receive the training needed to elevate their students. These professionals include yard duty, crossing guard, teachers aid, front desk staff, para educators, janitorial staff, and many many more! For some children, these staff members may be the only adults they feel comfortable turning to. Click the link below to view the informational packet

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Responsive parenting

Ideal for caregivers who are seeking concrete strategies to better the relationship and response with their children. Parents will gain knowledge and education on

-What reactive vs responsive parenting is

-How to transform reaction into responses

-Creating a "Yes House"

-Importance of self care and impact on parenting

-How to complete a body and environment scan to decrease stress

-How to decode and meet your child's needs

-Convert children's misbehavior into appropriate behavior

-Make everything a teachable moment

-Help our children share their emotions appropriately

-How to repair with our children

Support Group

Working with parents in a therapeutic setting

A unique training for therapists who are interested in learning the power of including parents in the treatment of minors. Working collaboratively with caregivers can create lasting change within the home. With this 1.5 hour training, mental health professionals will learn

-the value of working with parents

-how to naturally build rapport

-conducting the initial meeting

-being curious with your questioning

-how to master reflective listening

-disarming parents defenses

-teaching advocacy skills

-minimizing shame/doubt/lack of knowledge around MH support

-being empathetic and how it creates change

-maintaining boundaries with caregivers

-supporting parents

- how to communicate with caregivers

-importance of using a strength based approach

- how to provide information that parents will actually use   

Children Arriving at School

(Free) Re Entering school after a pandemic

Returning back to school after virtual learning can be tricky and challenging. This training helps caregivers and school staff understand and best support the students smooth return.