I tried Gentle Parenting for a week

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Let me begin by reminding you of my catchy tag line "Parenting without the BS". As in, come as you are, leave all the 'perfection' at the door, the idea that everyone else is doing it right or better than you, that I have all the answers and have it more together, and yes, even the Gentle Parenting BS that you are supposed to be doing with your kids. Leave it at the door because I sure a hell did a long time ago.

As a therapist, I preached to the parents and caregivers that I worked with about being kind, gentle, and positive with their children. I shared the wealth of knowledge that I obtained reading books and articles, attending presentations and training's, having meaningful conversations with other professionals about the value and RESEARCHED BASED EVIDENCE that was out there on why being a gentle parent is helpful. I shared all of the ways it could benefit and fix a mountain of behavioral concerns that my clients were exhibiting.