Phone or no phone for your kid?

The decision to give your child a cell phone is not one most parents take lightly. There can be many differing opinions between parents including within the same household. For some, you may feel at ease knowing that you can reach them when apart and they have a way to get help when in an emergency. For others, it opens up Pandora's Box of being exposed to inappropriate content, power struggles, and even financial constraints on families. Where ever you stand in this discussion, this article can help you review both the positives and negatives, spark conversations with yourself, partner, and child, and also support you coming to a decision. I have also included a cell phone contract if you choose to provide a phone to your child.

First things first, let me start by saying what ever you end up deciding and what ever pops up into your head along the way is valid. It is not an easy choice and its okay to change your mind (either way!). By reviewing where you stand and by being open to all avenues can help you feel confident in your choice. You may be one who knows that you'll eventually have to cross that bridge and provide a phone to your kiddo, but are unsure at what age to do so. Maybe you're dead set against getting your child a phone anytime soon despite feeling the pressure from your child, their peers, your partner, and even friends. Or you currently have provided a phone but need to reevaluate the rules around it. Thank you for being here and helping yourself and children.

Its fun to start with the pro's (im such an optimist) so lets begin there. It can be super scary being apart from your child. Sometimes we get these dark thoughts about what can happen to them and it makes us feel out of control. Knowing that we can reach out to check in on our child or provide them with their own secure way to reach out to us if they need help can be so grounding. Not just in case of an "emergency" but for times when our child feels uncomfortable, wants to leave an en