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This educational group is for parents ready to actively learn new ways to support their children as well as take a deep dive into their own understanding of themselves! Learn more below.

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As soon as I became a mom, I was bombarded with information telling me how to raise and respond to my son. It was absolutely overwhelming and I lost myself trying to keep up. Sorting through the scripts, the "right" and "wrong" way to approach a scenario, and often times going against what I really wanted to do became information overload.


I enjoyed learning new tips and my kids definitely benefited, but the real shift and improvement came when I:

  • Adjusted my mindset

  • Started asking myself specific questions when faced with a parenting problem

  • Hand picked the strategies used

  • And applied them in a very unique way


After all, even though there isn't a one size fit's all approach, I knew what the most important things were when raising children, and it wasn't what a lot of the "experts" were focused on.

 When absorbing all of the media out there about parenting, it can really make us feel like if we don't do it perfectly, that we're going to ruin our children. When we hyper-focus on doing it this way, we lose sight of our own skills and parenting through intuition.

  • Yes, we want to do our best

  • Yes, we look for tips to address our current concerns

  • But you're not going to damage your child because you didn't follow the script in the article

  • You're not going to cause any harm saying "no"

  • And you're definitely not going to ruin your child if you comment on how pretty or handsome they are from time to time!

(these fear based traps drive me crazy when I see other "professionals" set)


After working with hundreds of families as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Parent Coach, I have found the most effective approaches that get results fast, all while maintaining an attachment based approach that includes the parents amazing strengths, skills, knowledge and perspectives!

The best part?

This method allows you to stick to your own core parenting values, while being respectful  towards your children and making space for their thoughts, feelings, and differing moods.

With the Parenting Simplified program, you'll learn effective strategies to address any behavior challenge, laying strong family foundations and predictability, all through a shame free and direct approach!

X No yelling
X No harsh punishments
X Nothing that will make you feel guilty as a mama

Cute Girl
Mother and Daughter

Because this method is so effective within the homes of the families I serve,  I had to share them outside of the family therapy sessions!
That is why I created an
online community for parents who are ready to get clear and proven strategies to raise their children with ease.

Welcome to Parenting Simplified!
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The Parenting Simplified Program will guide you in your journey to having strong parenting skills, a deep connection with your self and children, and help you raise kids who grow up to be well adjusted adults.

During our 6 week program together, you will receive direct and individualized support
(no more applying the tips you find on podcasts, Instagram, and in books by yourself)

Working Remotely

Weekly group coaching calls

This safe space is where you can get answers to parenting thoughts and concerns. You have the opportunity to get a deep understanding of yourself, children, and how to best approach your biggest parenting problem. Continually, by listening to other parents ask their questions, it will help normalize the challenges that we all face! I am most excited about connecting with you. We meet 1ce per week for the 6 week program!

Educational trainings

Lead by myself, these 5 groundbreaking presentations will be jam packed with the most relevant and up to date research covering all of the topics that parents alike struggle with. Sharing actionable strategies, overcoming challenges or push back, and activities to strengthen your family. You can access all recordings anytime of day and are yours to keep indefinitely right in your inbox!
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For those who also like to read the steps and have them handy, you will have access to all of the information in a handout. Save them to your computer, stick them to your fridge, send them to a grandparent or babysitter. You will have a one page sheet for every topic discussed from our trainings and can utilize them as needed with your kiddos! Get your binders ready!

Online parenting course

Active members will receive access to my online course, Strengthening Family Connections and Managing Misbehavior! This 40 video training covers everything to lay the foundation to have a predictable home where your kiddos feel valued, you understand their behaviors, and can respond appropriately. Check it out here.
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1:1 private coaching call

Each member receives one 50 minute coaching call with me during week 6 of the program. During our 1:1 time together, you will bring your most challenging parenting concern and we will map out the exact blueprint and plan to tackle it! You will receive the plan in your inbox after our call and can start on it the same day!
Happy Family

This is a community that adds so much value to your parenting wheelhouse and will leave you feeling confident and ready to support your family no matter what gets thrown your way. You will have individualized support and really explore who you are as a parent.

We take deep dives into how we were raised by our own parents, how that contributes to the ways in which we respond to our children, and examine if it aligns with our parenting goals. We have a FB group for members and previous members to get support and questions answered! It takes a village, right?!

I want each and every member to feel supported through the process and have tool boxes packed with strategies to guide their children and meet what ever parenting goal you have.

Focus is not only on behavioral concerns but also:


  • "Fear based" parenting reactions and how to end them

  • Helping your children through tantrums

  • Becoming comfortable with big feelings

  • Mindset shifts to become happier

  • Insight into yourself

  • Strengthening your family's bond as a parent and Core values

A wrap around parenting support center for the modern day family!

Family Breakfast

If you're feeling excited and interested in this supportive and educational experience, then I want you in the group! Opening the doors to parents who are ready to put in the work for themselves and kiddos makes my heart happy.

Reserve your spot for the next round! Space fills up FAST and I limit the number of members I let in so that I can provide the best support for this community.

So if you are hopeful about what this program can do for your children and yourself, then register and reserve your spot today!

Want in? The doors open for our next group on 11/8/2021. Reserve your spot ASAP below

Family Time

Option one

(one time payment)

Family At Church

Option Two

(two installments)

Happy Mother with her Child

Option Three

(three installments)

Join Parenting Simplified today and get the support and guidance to not only build upon the amazing qualities you have as a mother, but also learn the most effective approaches to helping your children through any challenges. I specifically made three payment plans that do not get "higher" in price just because you need to break the payments into installments. No one should have to pay more because they aren't paying in full!
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